About Us

About Us

At Carl Marias Carpet Design we are passionate about finding you quality flooring and have been since 1948. We offer a broad range of luxury flooring to fit any style.

Who We Are

Established in 1948, Carl Marias Carpet Design has been the leading purveyor of all of your luxury flooring needs. Providing you with everything from carpet and custom area rugs to hardwood flooring and luxury vinyl tile; we do not skip a beat. Whether it’s commercial or residential, we cover it all. We have a reputation for combining timelessness and modernity that cannot be recreated. We are constantly reinventing to keep up with the latest trends and styles but we remain true to providing exceptional customer service. Our team has years of experience behind them to find the right piece for you.

Our showroom features thousands of samples to cover a multitude of styles and tastes.


We provide professional full service installation from start to finish for all floor covering options.


We offer professional fabrication services for area rugs to add the perfect finish to your pieces.


For finished items, we provide the service to get them to you, efficiently and professionally.


In case something goes wrong or experiences a little bit of wear, we provide the services to tend to those needs.